About Us

Freedom Aid Ghana is a non-profit organization, (NGO) founded in December, 2008, and legally registered at the Registrar General Department of Ghana in 2011 with registration number G-37,598.

The organization operates mobile health clinics to contribute towards solving pertinent health challenges in the country. Our team is made up of exuberant youth from all professions including health experts working together to achieve the organization’s goals.

Our services and products are known for their qualities. We have been very successful in providing healthcare services and notably in reducing health risks in the communities under consideration over the past eight years.

Freedom Aid Ghana can currently boast of thirteen major projects including health educations, health screening and vaccinations as well as charity donations in different parts of the country.

Mission Statement

To develop a perfect platform that can be used to minimize the impending health challenges in the society through the provision of quality health services.

Current Services Provided

The organization currently provides the following services to its beneficiaries;
  1. Community health education, screening and vaccination.
  2. Corporate health education, screening and vaccination.
  3. Health surveys.
  4. Health awareness.
  5. Charity donations.